Welcome to Elympics 2019

Now into its forth year, the Engage Elympics is a year long challenge, devised not only to make us the healthiest digital agency on the block but to also raise over £10,000 for four fantastic local Leeds charities.

Use this website to track our progress as we run, cycle, swim, hike and lift our way towards an ambitious goal – and if you’re feeling extra generous, you can even donate a little bit to help us along the way!

Total stats

activities 325 Activities
distance 1000 Distance (mi)
time 264 Time (hrs)
elevation 14589 Elevation (ft)

June £0.00

Monthly Leaderboard

Money raised

#elympics photos on instagram #elympics photos on instagram #elympics photos on instagram #elympics photos on instagram

Who we’re supporting

We’ve chosen 4 great causes to support over the 12 months of Elympics, with funds raised being equally distributed each quarter. After much discussion, we decided we didn’t want our contribution to be a drop in the ocean so instead instead went looking for smaller, local charities where it will hopefully make a real, measurable difference!

Lineham Farm

A charity that gives disadvantaged, disabled and local school children a break in the glorious Leeds countryside.


Operators of The Hub – a community space based in Harehills, setup in partnership with West Yorkshire Police and Leeds City Council.

Open Country

A Harrogate-based charity that seeks to enable anyone with any disability to access the countryside.


A community café; creating a space where boundaries between different communities will disappear over good coffee, good food and good conversations.


Can I use Elympics at my work?

At the moment, Elympics isn’t available outside of Engage. If you’d like to run Elympics at your work you can register your interest here and if we get enough, we’ll see what we can do.

Who are you guys?!

We’re a digital agency based up in glorious Leeds, UK. You can read more about us over on engageinteractive.co.uk

How did the idea come about?

Although working in digital is undeniably a fantastic way to spend your week – it’s certainly not the most active, with people regularly spending 6+ hours a day sat at their desks. At the same time there’s a whole load of science documenting the physiological and psychological benefits of an active lifestyle – from improved performance at work through to a better night's sleep and increased confidence. Plus let’s not forgot those all important digits on your scales!

All this got us thinking about how, as a company, we could encourage an increased level of activity in everyone’s lives but in a more creative and rewarding way than simply handing out gym memberships to the keen few. It wasn’t long before we had the early shapings of an idea to convert these hard earned miles into money, but rather than put that money in people’s own pockets we’d instead look to donate the funds to a number of small, worthy local causes where the donations would make a notable and measurable difference.

How do you track everything?

All activities are tracked using Strava (so no cheating!) and then using their API we grab all the data and plug it into our fancy little microsite, doing a bit of maths along the way to calculate a whole number of interesting statistics and eventually generating our monthly Elympics leaderboard.

How long is Elympics running for?

We’re raising money over a 12 month period, from March 2018 to March 2019. Hopefully, if all goes well we'll then repeat it all again next year!

How are you keeping the team ‘Engaged’?

Aside from the obvious gains of getting healthier and helping good causes we also sweeten the deal by putting everyone who raises over £30 each month (equivalent to 150 miles of cycling or 37.5 miles of running) in a random draw to win an extra days holiday!

Can I feature this project on my blog / paper etc.

Of course! Just drop us an email to elympics@engageinteractive.co.uk and we’ll be happy to help out.